7971 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

310 399-6525

7971 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

7971 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Lauren Michelle


Expert Hairstylist + Color Corrections Specialist, Vintage Hairstyling and Make-up Artist

The Harlot Salon welcomes Lauren Michelle, an Expert Hairstylist and Make-up Artist for almost 20 years and a licensed California Cosmetologist for 13 years.

Lauren has specialized in Vintage Styling and Color Correction Services for most of her career, but Lauren’s true passion is working with clients to understand their hair goals and creating tailored hair and makeup style(s) to be in tune with how they visualize themselves.

If you have been tackling taming your natural texture or you are in need of some proper pampering, whether you are a person on-the-go wanting a fresh, no-fuss updated look, or you want to be “Red Carpet Ready” Lauren Michelle will help you realize your Cut, Color, and Styling dreams.

Lauren has worked with wonderful artists both in front of the camera and behind the chair. From personal grooming for celebrity clients, editorial photoshoots, music videos, to commercials, she has worked with top-talent clientele including Cirque du Soleil, XBox, Drake, A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi. But no matter the client, Lauren’s focus is integrity and sincerity, for all things Glamour and Beauty.


– Color Corrective Services

– Vintage Styling

– Dimensional Color

– Current & Classic & Progressive Haircuts for All Persons and Children

– Classic & Avant-Garde Updos

– Makeup Application for any occasion

– Hair Extensions

– Headshots, Photoshoots, Bridal, Special Occasion, Red Carpet, etc.

“I am driven by my desire to capture and promote beauty in all shapes and designs. The passion that I have for believing in the art of beauty stems from a romance rich in colour, dancing within light and space. Each face is filled with mystery. Every head of hair infallibly true to ourselves, and equally as adaptable. My journey keeps me twirling about with my shears and brushes anywhere where I can snip, style, and paint some beautiful faces. Come take a spin at it with me”- Lauren Michelle